[MG fashion] goes with...#05

[MG fashion] goes with...#05

[MG fashion] Crocheted shrug – burgundy
[MG fashion] Ivy cap - plaid 02
[MG fashion] Heart button skirt - bluejean/orange
[MG fashion] Bangles set - roses

[]::Tuli::[] S5 tan ~ diva 2
[Aden] Edie (DarkBrown)
Photoshoot Eye Lashes
G.L.A.M. Sailor Stripes Tank in Blue
Maitreya - Slouch Socks Softs 1
Maitreya Bloom – Blue
*Sin Skins* Glitter Manicure Vivid Pink
!BF! Urban Sequin Pouches – purple

sorry, i forgot to list some stuff! here it goes:
[Armidi Gisaci] Au Di Leather Belt [Orchid]
-EARTHTONES- Chakra, boho beads (necklace and earings in violet)
poses from Maitreya, .:AnaLu:. and *Luth*

also, the tank top is part of an outfit (G.L.A.M. "Nautical Stripes"). it's quite old and i'm not sure if it's still available for sale.

9 comentários:

Ana Lutetia disse...

WOW! <3 your new look

Sofia Gray disse...

I really enjoy this whole outfit - everything is pieced together perfectly. :)

Bonnie & Clyde disse...

This outfit has such a great blend of urban and prep. I adore it!

Genna Gray disse...

Hi Maria. What a wonderful, novel idea on mixing your own clothes with others on your blog page. Very cool. Can you tell me where that necklace is from? It looks so familiar, but I can't remember where I have seen it. Thanks :)

Maria Gherardi disse...

Thank you girls!!
Oh Genna, you're right, i forgot to list the necklace and earings! i'm sorry! they are from earthtones!

Genna Gray disse...

Thank you Maria :)

Maria Gherardi disse...

ups... i also forgot to list the belt and the poses!
in portuguese we say "a pressa é inimiga da perfeição" meaning that when you want to do stuff too quickly you cant do it with perfection!
belt is from Armidi, and poses are from Maitreya, .:AnaLu:. and *Luth*. i'm going to update the post!

I LOVE YOU disse...


Anónimo disse...

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