MG fashion is moving!

hi there!
yes, it is quite suddenly… even for me! i came to know today that Mystical sim is going to be closed down tomorrow!
so, MG fashion main store is moving. in the meanwhile, you can find a small selection of MG fashion itens at Neufreistadt (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Neufreistadt/158/182/173).
sorry about this inconvenience.
please contact me by notecard if you need something not available at the store.
more news as soon as possible!


group gift.sept09

[MG fashion] group gift.sept09

thank you so much for keeping MG fashion update group in your list! <3

[as usual, the gift is not intended to be a freebie, so an enrollment fee of 300L will be up for about 15 days. hope you understand.]