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uhmmmmmmmm... sneak a peak!

[MG fashion] Outono em balão

a balloned skirt! this baby has been named in Portuguese "Outono em balão", that means something like balloned Fall or Fall in a ballon! :))
it will be in my store next week!


MG fashion goes with...#04

MG fashion goes with#04

[MG fashion] Crocheted shrug - wine [go!]

ETD Couture: The Straight (Dark Brown) [go!]

[KA] The Scarlet Mobstress Hat Black [go!]

[KA] The Scarlet Mobstress Shirt (undershirt layer)

[KA] - Classic Black Austere Corset (shirt layer)

LAST CALL: Maidi - Maidi Tuxedo Pants [go!]

LAST CALL Covet: Liah - Onyx

!Rebel Hope Designs - Moulin Rouge Paris - Cane with diamond [go!]

[ND]*Paris brwn2 Eyes [go!]

MM-Tan SkinGloss-Tropical [go!]

*Awesome Designs Glitter Manicure & Pedicure Combo Black [go!]

bad bad bad hair day

bad bad bad hair day


fall/winter collection :: new stuff

the first fall/winter collection release!

in the "new stuff" walls you will find "Silver Lake at Midnight", the first outfit from "The Silk Collection", along with Crocheted shrugs in tons of colors (as usual! lol).

[MG fashion] The Silk Collection - Silver Lake at Midnight

[MG fashion] Crocheted shrugs

hope you likeeee! :)


the end of discounts season

yes, discounts season is about to end.
the "discount items" walls will be cleaned up tomorrow, at 12:00pm SLT. pass by till then if you want to catch some good price opportunities! some of the items will be retired and others will return to the original prices.

after that I will be preparing the store to receive the new releases!


the silk collection :: silver lake at midnight

a sneak a peak at the first outfit of "The Silk Collection"!

[MG fashion] The Silk Collection - silver lake at midnight #03 [MG fashion] The Silk Collection - silver lake at midnight #02

[MG fashion] The Silk Collection - silver lake at midnight #05 [MG fashion] The Silk Collection - silver lake at midnight #01

an outfit that will allow a great number of possibilities: pantsuit, vest, low rise shorts, high waisted shorts, tube top, sculpted legs in different lengths... oh my! and all pieces came in all possible layers to fulfill all your needs!
available very very soon!


ohhhh my!

i was informed MG fashion has been nominated for the Fashion Bloggers' Choice Awards (an awesome idea by Tanya Book – read more about it here) in two categories:

best casual clothing

most congenial/pleasant to deal with designer

it’s very good to know people like us because of what we do, but it’s even better to know people like us because of what we are! i’m… honored!

Thank you so much!

due to scritps issues...

the French style berets panels are not working properly at Bali Loa. so sorry.

as a solution, i made them available in MG fashion main store, at Portucalis. please consider visiting.


MG fashion goes with...#03

MG fashion goes with...#03
background texture created by Ana Lutetia (thanks Ana!)

[MG fashion] French style beret – bombazine

[MG fashion] MARIA OUTFIT short skirt - dirtywhite/charcoal

/artilleri/ marla glasses *black* [go!]

ETD Madeline II – Espresso [go!]

<*> LAST CALL: Poema Pearls (Strand) (Mystic Black/Ebony Lace) [go!]

[SC] Surf Couture - Maddy Sweater – Gray [go!]

-Veschi- Cozily Tintable Stockings Bottom – grey tint [go!]

(Shiny Things) Clara slingbacks – silver [go!]

[ND]*Paris brwn2 Eyes [go!]

MM-Dark SkinGloss-Panther [go!]

*Awesome Designs Glitter Manicure & Pedicure Combo Black

cof cof... i have two annoucements to make!

the first one is that i was invited by Mystikal Faddoul, the Mystical hair designer, to be one of the featured designers in her new, big, and beautiful store! Mystikal, thank you so much! not only for the invitation, but also for being such a nice and generous person!

well, you will not find discount items there, but you will find… and here comes the second announcement… two sculpted French style berets, a gift for group members!

[MG fashion] French style beret - bombazine

[MG fashion] French style beret - plaid

no, they are not perfect - they're just my first experience with a different 3D modelation software and yes, i know i have to improve my skills! but i kind like them!
the berets are modifiable, so you can adjust them to your head and hair style (they go better with no fringes straight hair).

so, go and grab them (don’t forget to use the group tag)!

Mystikal Hair SUrl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bali%20Loa/45/73/30

really hope you like!
see you!


discounts season!

yay! i’m back!
and to celebrate that, I decided to open a discounts season at MG fashion.

[MG fashion] discounts season

note that not all items in the store have discounts; just the ones positioned in the “discount items” walls.
the amount of the discount also varies but most of the items have been remarked 50% off. You will find information about the price before and the actual price – just lay down the mouse over the panels.

right now I’m in the middle of the new collection conceptualization process! busy busy like a bee! lol working hard to bring you some new stuff soon!