[MG fashion] goes with...#05

[MG fashion] goes with...#05

[MG fashion] Crocheted shrug – burgundy
[MG fashion] Ivy cap - plaid 02
[MG fashion] Heart button skirt - bluejean/orange
[MG fashion] Bangles set - roses

[]::Tuli::[] S5 tan ~ diva 2
[Aden] Edie (DarkBrown)
Photoshoot Eye Lashes
G.L.A.M. Sailor Stripes Tank in Blue
Maitreya - Slouch Socks Softs 1
Maitreya Bloom – Blue
*Sin Skins* Glitter Manicure Vivid Pink
!BF! Urban Sequin Pouches – purple

sorry, i forgot to list some stuff! here it goes:
[Armidi Gisaci] Au Di Leather Belt [Orchid]
-EARTHTONES- Chakra, boho beads (necklace and earings in violet)
poses from Maitreya, .:AnaLu:. and *Luth*

also, the tank top is part of an outfit (G.L.A.M. "Nautical Stripes"). it's quite old and i'm not sure if it's still available for sale.


new stuff!

colourfull and silky! two new outfits for you, one from The Silk Collection and the other from Le Fashionable Collection.

[MG fashion] The Silk Collection 5 - Miss Parrot

Miss Parrot is a shiny and silky babydoll dress that includes:
. dress upper part (all layers)
. dress glitch pants (pants and underpants layers)
. prim skirt
. hat

[MG fashion] Le Fashionable Sari

Le Fashionable Sari includes:
. 6 top versions (orange, plum, purple - glittered and silky) in all layers
. Sari upper part (shirt and jacket layers)
. Sari pants (pants and underpants layers)
. Sari between legs prim (3 sizes: small, regular and large)

hope you like


things for your head and some other new stuff!

caps and berets! most of them are unisex (except for Emilie Beret) and most of them are scripted (except for Brown Leather Cap), allowing you to change the texture by mouse clicking. the script was developed by my dear friend Gwyneth Llewelyn (thanks Gwyn!!).

[MG fashion] Brown leather cap (unisex)

[MG fashion] Emilie beret (scripted)

[MG fashion] Ivy cap - plaid 2 (unisex and scripted)

[MG fashion] Ivy cap - plaid 1 (unisex and scripted)

[MG fashion] Ivy cap - wool (unisex and scripted)

one more release from London Calling Separates Collection - The Leggings. Leggings are available in two sets, light colours and dark colours, and include pants and underpants layers.

[MG fashion] London Calling Collection - The Leggings (dark colours)

[MG fashion] London Calling Collection - The Leggings (light colours)

finally, an outfit: Le Fashionable Cléopâtre, available in two colours - gold and black. the blouse of this outfit was inspired in a creation from Chanel House.

[MG fashion] Le Fashionable Cléopâtre (gold)

[MG fashion] Le Fashionable Cléopâtre (black)

Le Fashionable Cléopâtre includes:
. blouse (available in all layers and including a loose fit version)
. sculpted bow
. leggings (pants and underpants layers)
. gloves

all items are copy, no transfer and no modify (except for prims).

hope you like :)