[MG fashion] Bridgette

Bridgette dresses are only available as separates, in 4 colours: green/red, moss/purple, purple/green and eggplant/teal.
each dress includes the upper part and glitch pants in all layers, sculpted broche (with 2 attach options: spine and chest) and sculpted dress (with two attach option: left peck and right peck).
the broche is no modify but it is scripted for resizing.
the dress is available in two versions: a resizing scripted one (no modify) and a regular modify version.

itens are copy, no transfer and no modify (in general).


[MG fashion] goes with...#08

[MG fashion] goes with #08

hat . Alotta Poof Hat by Veschi (modified and tinted)
hair. bang bang in kit kat by !lamb
skin. Lyla in blue (tan tone) by REDGRAVE
shirt. RolledCuffsShirt in firebrick by [MG fashion]
cami. Plain & Tidy Cami in blue by Tres Blah
skirt. carla circle skirt in blue by /artilleri/
accessorie. sailorette top attachment in red by /artilleri/
shoes. aurora heels in berry by TRUTH
poses by Luth