e-justice centre uniforms

i've been quiet and here's the reason why!
the e-justice centre summer uniforms :)

[MG fashion] e-justice centre uniformes 02

[MG fashion] e-justice centre uniformes 01

info about e-justice centre here (oficial website)


MG fashion update group

stay tuned!

MG fashion update group


i do feel so... pink!

i do feel so... pink!#01


new releases :: flowered babydolls and denim sets

finally! hope you like!

[MG fashion] Flowered babydoll - FAT PACK

[MG fashion] DENIM belted - brown

[MG fashion] DENIM belted - light wash

see all the available colors here!


MG fashion denim :: preview

denim! quite basic! love it!
here is a preview of the capris (with different prim options), shorts and skirt! available next week in the store, along with some other items.

MG fashion denim preview

(yes, yes, this is a telegraphic post! loool i'm already late!)


MG fashion goes with...#02

MG fashion goes with...#02 :: 01

[MG fashion] Geometric summer top - charcoal [go!]

*Shai* Vega Wide Leg Trousers Black from the The Vega Pantsuit - Grey [go!]

[Aden] {Spice Girls} Scary Spice [go!]

P.C; Black Bead Necklace

p.c; strapped diamond heel - granite [go!]

+LD+ caramel - cafe (skin) [go!]

[ND]*Paris brwn2 Eyes [go!]

(CS) Lashes - Vogue - Size 2 [go!]

*Awesome Designs Glitter Manicure & Pedicure Combo Black [go!]


job done!

the new items are already available in the store!

its now time to take a break, breath deeply, feeling the wind in the face!

[MG fashion] Navy style tops - classic


new stuff preview

well, well... RL stuff is stopping me from fulfill my own new releases’ deadline.
anyway, here is a preview of some new items, that i will try to release during the weekend!

[MG fashion] Navy style tops :: preview

[MG fashion] Geometric summer top - FAT PACK


MG fashion goes with... #01

MG fashion goes with...

[MG fashion] ANALU OUTFIT silk top - glittered red - [go, go, go...]

go, go, go...]

Punk Couture - Picasso Couture Hat [go, go, go...]

(NO) Lola Puffs [go, go, go...]

!Rebel Hope Designs - Moulin Rouge Paris - Moulin Rouge Boa [go, go, go...]

Cigarrete Holder – Gwyneth Llewelyn [SL exchange]

(Shiny Things) Tuxedo pumps – black [go, go, go...]

(CS) Vogue Skin - Summer Series - 3 – Bronzed [
go, go, go...]

[ND]*Paris brwn2 Eyes [
go, go, go...]

*Awesome Designs Glitter Manicure & Pedicure Combo Black [
go, go, go...]