things you might want to know!

i’ve been quiet – that’s a fact. my RL job is keeping me reallyyyyy busy!
but, in my almost none free time (lol), i’ve been working on hats, and some other accessories.
a sneak a peak at one of the caps:

[MG fashion] Cap sneak a peak
(photo credits: hair by ETD, skin by MMS, clothes by last call, poses by .:analu:.)

i also want to inform that i closed portucali’s store. so, for now, besides the main store, you can find MG fashion at Glam world, Muse, Cotton Candy and Neufreistadt.


more to you!

oh yes yes, when i said "see you shortly" i really meant it! :)
dresses and knitted socks!

zig zag knitted dresses include:
. dress upper part in all layers
. glitch pants in pants and underpants layers
. sculpted neck prim
. sculpted sleeves
. prim skirt
. 2 sculpted berets
. socks

[MG fashion] Zig zag knitted dress (teal/burgundy)

[MG fashion] Zig zag knitted dress (forest/plum)

[MG fashion] Zig zag knitted dress (petroleum/mustard)

[MG fashion] Zig zag knitted dress (purpleblue/olive)

[MG fashion] Zig zag knitted dress (eggplant/green)

[MG fashion] Zig zag knitted dress (crimson/green)

[MG fashion] Zig zag knitted dress (charcoal)
(in all photos: skins by MMS, hair by ETD, poses by .:analu:.)

[MG fashion] Knitted socks (pack01)

[MG fashion] Knitted socks (pack02)

[MG fashion] Knitted socks (pack03)

all items are copy, no transfer and no modify (except for prims).

hope you like!


[MG fashion] meets .:[AnaLu]:. - poses in plum

as you probably know already, MG fashion has the great pleasure to have, in the main store, .:[AnaLu]:. poses.
this is not a review (who am i to make reviews!) – it’s a way to congrat Ana for the very good work she’s been doing and to show you some of my favorite poses!
when [MG fashion] meets .:[AnaLu]:., what do you get? poses in plum! ;)

[MG fashion] meets .:[AnaLu]:.

[ALT] pose44
[MG fashion] Wool capelet (plum)
[MG fashion] DENIM low rise (burgundy wash)
[MG fashion] knitted socks – plum (unreleased)
(Armidi Hair) The Ginza - Brunette
[SC] Sculpted Ballet Flats – Cherry

[ALT] pose73
[MG fashion] Hand knitted jacket (plum)
[MG fashion] Outono outfit skirt (purple)
[MG fashion] Hunting Season (plum) – socks
-EARTHTONES- Chakra long beads necklace, violet
/artilleri/ glitter love earrings – pinks
ETD Janine (Espresso)
(Shiny Things) Comfy Boots – purple

[ALT] pose77
[MG fashion] Canadiana jacket (plum)
[MG fashion] DENIM low rise (plum)
ETD Amber (Espresso)
(Shiny Things) Ribbon Boots – black

[ALT] pose72
[MG fashion] DENIM low rise (pink)
[MG fashion] Hunting Season Outfit sweater (eggplant)
[SC] HoodScarf - Pink Crochet
Jeepers Creepers - W Raspberry Wellies

[ALT] pose70
[MG fashion] Hunting Season Outfit (plum)
[MG fashion] French style beret – hunting season (plum) (unreleased)
*TRUTH* Missy [Dark Choco]
Maitreya Sassy - Velvet Violet

[ALT] pose74
[MG fashion] The Silk Collection - Jupiter crash (plum)
!BF! Crochet Footless Tights
Storm Schmooz Laque

in all photos:
MMS-Photoshoot Lashes
[ND]*Paris brwn2 Eyes
*Awesome Designs Manicure In Eggplant


finally... new stuff!!!

first of all, a great 2008 for you all! i sincerely wish that the new year can bring us all the possibility to accomplish all our goals and projects!

ok, now the news!
the hunting season outfits were finally released (uff!). available in 8 colours (blue, brown, charcoal, crimson, olive, orange, plum and red), these outfits have lots of options.
they include:
knit Sweater (in all layers)
knit Sweater arms and neck prims
pantsuit pants (in all layers)
pantsuit one shoulder upper part (shirt and jacket layers)
pantsuit corset upper part (shirt and jacket layers)
corset bottom - can be used with both pantsuit upper parts (pants layer)
low rise pants (pants and underpants layers)
leg prims

[MG fashion] Hunting Season Outfit - blue

[MG fashion] Hunting Season Outfit - brown

[MG fashion] Hunting Season Outfit - charcoal

[MG fashion] Hunting Season Outfit - crimson

[MG fashion] Hunting Season Outfit - olive

[MG fashion] Hunting Season Outfit - orange

[MG fashion] Hunting Season Outfit - plum

[MG fashion] Hunting Season Outfit - red

i also made available the hunting season sweaters in 9 different colours, that you can buy as a fat pack (20% off) or as separates.
[MG fashion] Hunting Season Outfit Sweaters

last but not least, skirts – winter flower skirts – in 7 colours, also available as a fat pack (20% off) or as separates.
[MG fashion] Winter Flower Skirts

as usual, all items are copy, no transfer and no modify (except for prims).

i’m planning to release some more stuff soon! so, see you shortly!