[MG fashion] meets .:[AnaLu]:. - poses in plum

as you probably know already, MG fashion has the great pleasure to have, in the main store, .:[AnaLu]:. poses.
this is not a review (who am i to make reviews!) – it’s a way to congrat Ana for the very good work she’s been doing and to show you some of my favorite poses!
when [MG fashion] meets .:[AnaLu]:., what do you get? poses in plum! ;)

[MG fashion] meets .:[AnaLu]:.

[ALT] pose44
[MG fashion] Wool capelet (plum)
[MG fashion] DENIM low rise (burgundy wash)
[MG fashion] knitted socks – plum (unreleased)
(Armidi Hair) The Ginza - Brunette
[SC] Sculpted Ballet Flats – Cherry

[ALT] pose73
[MG fashion] Hand knitted jacket (plum)
[MG fashion] Outono outfit skirt (purple)
[MG fashion] Hunting Season (plum) – socks
-EARTHTONES- Chakra long beads necklace, violet
/artilleri/ glitter love earrings – pinks
ETD Janine (Espresso)
(Shiny Things) Comfy Boots – purple

[ALT] pose77
[MG fashion] Canadiana jacket (plum)
[MG fashion] DENIM low rise (plum)
ETD Amber (Espresso)
(Shiny Things) Ribbon Boots – black

[ALT] pose72
[MG fashion] DENIM low rise (pink)
[MG fashion] Hunting Season Outfit sweater (eggplant)
[SC] HoodScarf - Pink Crochet
Jeepers Creepers - W Raspberry Wellies

[ALT] pose70
[MG fashion] Hunting Season Outfit (plum)
[MG fashion] French style beret – hunting season (plum) (unreleased)
*TRUTH* Missy [Dark Choco]
Maitreya Sassy - Velvet Violet

[ALT] pose74
[MG fashion] The Silk Collection - Jupiter crash (plum)
!BF! Crochet Footless Tights
Storm Schmooz Laque

in all photos:
MMS-Photoshoot Lashes
[ND]*Paris brwn2 Eyes
*Awesome Designs Manicure In Eggplant

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