things for your head and some other new stuff!

caps and berets! most of them are unisex (except for Emilie Beret) and most of them are scripted (except for Brown Leather Cap), allowing you to change the texture by mouse clicking. the script was developed by my dear friend Gwyneth Llewelyn (thanks Gwyn!!).

[MG fashion] Brown leather cap (unisex)

[MG fashion] Emilie beret (scripted)

[MG fashion] Ivy cap - plaid 2 (unisex and scripted)

[MG fashion] Ivy cap - plaid 1 (unisex and scripted)

[MG fashion] Ivy cap - wool (unisex and scripted)

one more release from London Calling Separates Collection - The Leggings. Leggings are available in two sets, light colours and dark colours, and include pants and underpants layers.

[MG fashion] London Calling Collection - The Leggings (dark colours)

[MG fashion] London Calling Collection - The Leggings (light colours)

finally, an outfit: Le Fashionable Cléopâtre, available in two colours - gold and black. the blouse of this outfit was inspired in a creation from Chanel House.

[MG fashion] Le Fashionable Cléopâtre (gold)

[MG fashion] Le Fashionable Cléopâtre (black)

Le Fashionable Cléopâtre includes:
. blouse (available in all layers and including a loose fit version)
. sculpted bow
. leggings (pants and underpants layers)
. gloves

all items are copy, no transfer and no modify (except for prims).

hope you like :)

4 comentários:

F.A.T. DESIGNZ disse...

Hi great Stuff!

Would you tell me where the hair on the last picture is from?

Maria Gherardi disse...
Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.
Maria Gherardi disse...

:) thanks!
sure! that hair is from Maitreya - an entire fatpack that Onyx released as a gift to celebrate the opening of the new store at Glam World.
i'm not sure if the gift is still available or if the hair is for sale.

Anónimo disse...

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