MG fashion goes with...#03

MG fashion goes with...#03
background texture created by Ana Lutetia (thanks Ana!)

[MG fashion] French style beret – bombazine

[MG fashion] MARIA OUTFIT short skirt - dirtywhite/charcoal

/artilleri/ marla glasses *black* [go!]

ETD Madeline II – Espresso [go!]

<*> LAST CALL: Poema Pearls (Strand) (Mystic Black/Ebony Lace) [go!]

[SC] Surf Couture - Maddy Sweater – Gray [go!]

-Veschi- Cozily Tintable Stockings Bottom – grey tint [go!]

(Shiny Things) Clara slingbacks – silver [go!]

[ND]*Paris brwn2 Eyes [go!]

MM-Dark SkinGloss-Panther [go!]

*Awesome Designs Glitter Manicure & Pedicure Combo Black

2 comentários:

Jenny disse...

Ooh the sweater link is wrong and I WANT IT!!!! Can you tell me what the updated LM is?

Maria Gherardi disse...

ups, so sorry, my mistake (have to delete the old landmarks!).
i have updated the link in the post, anyway here's the SUrl