cof cof... i have two annoucements to make!

the first one is that i was invited by Mystikal Faddoul, the Mystical hair designer, to be one of the featured designers in her new, big, and beautiful store! Mystikal, thank you so much! not only for the invitation, but also for being such a nice and generous person!

well, you will not find discount items there, but you will find… and here comes the second announcement… two sculpted French style berets, a gift for group members!

[MG fashion] French style beret - bombazine

[MG fashion] French style beret - plaid

no, they are not perfect - they're just my first experience with a different 3D modelation software and yes, i know i have to improve my skills! but i kind like them!
the berets are modifiable, so you can adjust them to your head and hair style (they go better with no fringes straight hair).

so, go and grab them (don’t forget to use the group tag)!

Mystikal Hair SUrl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bali%20Loa/45/73/30

really hope you like!
see you!

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Ana Lutetia disse...

awesome! love your clothes too...

Maria Gherardi disse...

thanks! however, clothes have credits and i should have included that information in the post.
anyway, the sweater in the bombazine beret pic is from Sand Shack Surf Co. and the one in plaid beret pic is from love.love.love

Ana Lutetia disse...


Delilah Karas - Style Schmyle disse...

Wow, awesome! And I too am in love with your clothes as well.

Maria Gherardi disse...

thank you so much delilah!