new releases and dollarbies!

first of all, i apologize in advance because this post is going to be kind of telegraphic.
just to let you know that i finally finished some of the stuff i was working in.
also, and after so many requests, i decided to bring the French Style Berets back again – they are both (plain and bombazine) available as dollarbies.

[MG fashion] Margarida blouses (white base)

[MG fashion] Margarida blouses
Margarida blouses include jacket, shirt, undershirt+underpants layers and puffed sleeves prims.

[MG fashion] DENIM pencil skirts
the DENIM pencil skirts also include glitch pants.
(photo credits: skin by Fleur, hair by *BP, necklace and earings by MM, shoes by L&E, poses by .: AnaLu :.)

all items are copy, no transfer and no modify (except for prims).
fat packs are 30% off.

the berets:

[MG fashion] French style beret - plaid (dollarbie)

[MG fashion] French style beret - bombazine (dollarbie)
(photo credits - in plaid poster: skin by MMS, hair by Maitreya, coat by Armidi, pose by .:AnaLu:., in bombazine poster: skin by MMS, air by *BP, coat by /Artilleri/, pose by .:AnaLu:.)

new stuff is only available at the maintore.

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