i'm back and brought some NEW STUFF!

some more of London Collection. sequin skirts! glitch pants available in both pants and underpants layers.

[MG fashion] London Calling Collection - sequin skirts

jeans! love jeans! love colourful jeans! lots of jeans! lol
low rise and straight legs. also available in pants and underpants layers.

[MG fashion] DENIM low rise and straight legs (grunge charcoal)

[MG fashion] DENIM low rise and straight legs

finally (and i leave these for last by purpose!): JACKETS! this particular style of jacket is called “Canadiana” in Portuguese. i made them with several prims possibilities. you can use it with or without the hood, with or without the cuffs, with or without the prim buttons (etc) and a non prim version is included (all details in texture).
i made smaller sets than usual but separates are also available.

[MG fashion] Canadiana jacket - green explosion

[MG fashion] Canadiana jacket - candy lovers

[MG fashion] Canadiana jacket - walk on clouds

[MG fashion] Canadiana jacket - feet on earth

all items are copy, no transfer and no modify (except for the prims, that are modifiable). fat packs have great discounts (30% or 20%, depending on the pack size).
by now, they are only available at Portucalis and Cotton Candy stores.

hope you like!

6 comentários:

-Ana Lutetia- disse...

OMG! love it all

Delilah Karas disse...

that jacket is awesome!

-Ana Lutetia- disse...

You've got tagged! Hope you will find this amusing. If not, ignore it.

Anónimo disse...

Beautifull Blog! I have seen a beautifull fashion accessory store- www.antiquepashmina.com with lot of new

concepts and designs.


陳冠希Easaon disse...

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tiger disse...