silk and more!

i've just released two more outfits from The Silk Collection!

Mademoiselle Mimi outfit include a blouse (shirt layer, jacket layer and undershirt+underpants layers), puffed lower arm prims, skirt pants (pants and underpants layers, prim skirt, socks and hat.

[MG fashion] The Silk Collection - Mademoiselle Mimi

the Romance at Sunset dresses comes in seven colors (i'm just showing 3) and include dress top (undershirt, shirt and jacket layer), separate top that you can match with other stuff (undershirt, shirt and jacket layer, dress pants (pants and underpants layers)and two prims skirts (regular skirt and regular skirt+transparent and asymmetrical underneath skirt).

[MG fashion] The Silk Collection - Romance at sunset (petroleum)

[MG fashion] The Silk Collection - Romance at sunset (wine)

[MG fashion] The Silk Collection - Romance at sunset (black)

i have been receiving some requests to make regular prim skirts using the texture of the "Outono em balão outfit"! so, here they are, but in different colors, integrating the new "Outono outfit"! lol (no ballon!)
Outono outfits include sweaters in three different colors (jacket, shirt and undershirt+underpants layers), socks in 3 different colors (matching the sweaters),
skirt pants (pants and underpants layers)and prim skirt.
i also made available two separate Outono outfit sweaters, in basic colors (charcoal and grey), that came in all possible layers.

[MG fashion] Outono outfit - purple

[MG fashion] Outono outfit - olive

[MG fashion] Outono outfit - green

[MG fashion] Outono sweaters (charcoal and grey)

:) and its all for now!

7 comentários:

Sherpa disse...

These clothes are incredibly beautiful.

Maria Gherardi disse...

thank you very much Sherpa!

Ana Lutetia disse...


Marni Grut disse...

These are rele nice textures your really developing as a designer!

All the best luck


Maria Gherardi disse...

ohhh Marni, thank you!

陳冠希Easaon disse...

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tiger disse...