a post about many things but mainly about people!

oh well, today I found out I made a mistake. i spent part of my morning setting up my OnRez account, preparing the boxes, filling in forms, setting up prices. but, at the same time, i was doing all kind of stuff, RL and SL.
by the end of the afternoon, i received an IM from Chelsea Ivory, warning me that my new Heart button skirts fat pack was marked zero lindens on OnRez. OMG! this was exactly how I reacted! lol

(no, she did not buy the fat pack, but some (many) other people did)

why am i writing this? not for complaining or anything – i know it was all my fault. i just want to give a big and public thank you to Chelsea, so… THANK YOU CHELSEA!

and speaking of nice and kind people, i have to tell you this: i meat Sayuri Cremorne! Sayuri is sugarcube owner and she is just lovely! I meat her at Cotton Candy, where we both have a new store!
i found out that Sayuri is a very good pose maker – her poses are great! i felt inlove and just couldn’t stop trying them! loool
Sayuri, hope we can see each other soon! very very nice to meet you!

Cate, Sayuri and me
Cate, Sayuri and me at Cotton Candy

MG fashion@Cotton Candy
MG fashion @ Cotton Candy

no, i’ve not finished yet!
there’s someone else i have to speak of: my dearest friend Gwyneth Llewelyn! to Gwyn I have to thank for many things, as she always helped me in so many ways. thank you, thank you, thank you!
the most recent present i received from Gwyn was… a store!!!! the most cozy and cute store in a charm city on the top of the mountains – Neufreistadt! THANK YOU!!!!!

MG fashion@Neufreistadt

MG fashion@Neufreistadt
MG fashion @ Neufreistadt

ok! now I finished… for now!

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Sayuri Cremorne disse...

woot!thanks for your write.
I really really hope see you soon.
xxxxx Sayuri<3