Uma loves cupcakes!

yes, i know, its been a while! it’s been difficult for me to find time to design – i’ve been working really hard in my phd (have to finish this damn thing as soon as possible).
every little thing now takes a long time to be ready! by the time i was developing this new release, i read a post in Uma Ceawlin’s blog in which she confesses her obsession with cupcakes!
Uma loves cupcakes! lol a dress and a tunic, available in 4 different colours!
each set includes dress upper part and glitch pants in all layers and sculpted prims available in a resizable scripted version and in a regular modify one. the dress upper part prim has 2 attach options: chest and spine.

[MG fashion] Uma loves cupcakes! (turquoise) [MG fashion] Uma loves cupcakes! (coral)

[MG fashion] Uma loves cupcakes! (sand) [MG fashion] Uma loves cupcakes! (slateblue)

hope you like!

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