clearance sale.discounted itens.new stuff

go up to the last floor of MG fashion main store and you will find:

[MG fashion] discounted itens [MG fashion] clearance sale

discounted itens are marked 30% to 50% off.
in the clearance sale side you will find itens that will be discontinued, marked 50% to 70% off.

ok, new stuff now! nautical inspired creations.

NauticalCoats are only available as separates, in 2 versions (long and short) and 4 colours (orange, navy, slate blue and red).

[MG fashion] NauticalCoat.long.orange [MG fashion] NauticalCoat.long.navy
[MG fashion] NauticalCoat.long.slateblue [MG fashion] NauticalCoat.long.red
[MG fashion] NauticalCoat.short.orange [MG fashion] NauticalCoat.short.navy
[MG fashion] NauticalCoat.short.slateblue [MG fashion] NauticalCoat.short.red

NauticalCoats include the coat in all layers, sculpted sleeves and sculpted coat (with 2 attach options: chest and spine).

SailorShorts also are available only as separates, in 12 different colours. Each one include the shorts in all layers and sculpted upper leg prims.

[MG fashion] SailorShorts

Finally, 4 special sets of Sleeveless graphic tees, with nautical prints (all layers included).

[MG fashion] sleeveless graphic tees :: nautical 1 [MG fashion] sleeveless graphic tees :: nautical 2
[MG fashion] sleeveless graphic tees :: nautical 3 [MG fashion] sleeveless graphic tees :: nautical 4

all itens are copy, no transfer and no modify (except for prims).

hope you like!

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