MG fashion goes rockabilly!

so it seems!
i thought of Antonia Marat in the very same moment i had the idea for this dress’s design! so, i named it after her!
available in two colours (blue and charcoal), Antonia dress includes all layers and a “no pockets prim skirt” version!

[MG fashion] Antonia Dress (charcoal)

[MG fashion] Antonia Dress (blue)

(poster credits: hair from [Aden]; skin, earrings, tattoo and glasses from /artilleri/; shoes from Maitreya; poses from .:AnaLu:., Luth and Hiccup)

items are copy, no transfer and no modify (except for prims).
new stuff is only available at MG fashion Factory (main store).

5 comentários:

Sasy Scarborough disse...

its Gorgeous and I have that same hair didnt even try on the demo when it first came out just thought it looks fab and its so obviously named after antonia so had to have, the same with your new dress, now if you could just fix tp's and stale transactions I could get to it lol

Maria Gherardi disse...

oh, i would, i would, if i could!

thank you!

I LOVE YOU disse...


donna disse...


Anónimo disse...

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