i'm such an egocentric person! plus, i'm becoming a color freak!
as you can see, the outfit has my name on it! loool but there's a reason for that, oh yep yep yep! and the reason is: this outfit is so much ME! i LOVEEEEE IT!
this will be my spring/summer collection last release! i'm going on summer vacations for two weeks! so, we will see each other again in fall/winter collection! :)
in the meanwhile, enjoy!

[MG fashion] MARIA OUTFIT - aqua/purple

[MG fashion] MARIA OUTFIT - lightbrown/brown

[MG fashion] MARIA OUTFIT - darkorchid/darkred

[MG fashion] MARIA OUTFIT - dirtywhite/charcoal

[MG fashion] MARIA OUTFIT - mint/lightbrown

much much more colors in the store! (check them all here)