[MG fashion]@New England

finally, MG fashion has a new main store :) NOT ANYMORE! AFFFF

[MG fashion] main store @ New England

find MG @ http://slurl.com/secondlife/New%20England/121/47/26


MG fashion is moving!

hi there!
yes, it is quite suddenly… even for me! i came to know today that Mystical sim is going to be closed down tomorrow!
so, MG fashion main store is moving. in the meanwhile, you can find a small selection of MG fashion itens at Neufreistadt (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Neufreistadt/158/182/173).
sorry about this inconvenience.
please contact me by notecard if you need something not available at the store.
more news as soon as possible!


group gift.sept09

[MG fashion] group gift.sept09

thank you so much for keeping MG fashion update group in your list! <3

[as usual, the gift is not intended to be a freebie, so an enrollment fee of 300L will be up for about 15 days. hope you understand.]


Louis jackets

[MG fashion] Louis jacket (pink)

[MG fashion] Louis jacket (orange) [MG fashion] Louis jacket (blue)

[MG fashion] Louis jacket (brown) [MG fashion] Louis jacket (mustard)

inspired in a creation of Louis Vuitton, Louis jackets are available in 5 colours and include, besides the jacket texture in all layers, the sculpted jacket, shoulders and sleeves.
multiple attach options are available for the jacket and all prims are scripted for resizing (although also available in a modify version, for a more personalized resizing).
itens are copy, no transfer and no modify (except for prims).
hope you like


Uma loves cupcakes!

yes, i know, its been a while! it’s been difficult for me to find time to design – i’ve been working really hard in my phd (have to finish this damn thing as soon as possible).
every little thing now takes a long time to be ready! by the time i was developing this new release, i read a post in Uma Ceawlin’s blog in which she confesses her obsession with cupcakes!
Uma loves cupcakes! lol a dress and a tunic, available in 4 different colours!
each set includes dress upper part and glitch pants in all layers and sculpted prims available in a resizable scripted version and in a regular modify one. the dress upper part prim has 2 attach options: chest and spine.

[MG fashion] Uma loves cupcakes! (turquoise) [MG fashion] Uma loves cupcakes! (coral)

[MG fashion] Uma loves cupcakes! (sand) [MG fashion] Uma loves cupcakes! (slateblue)

hope you like!



[MG fashion] Bridgette

Bridgette dresses are only available as separates, in 4 colours: green/red, moss/purple, purple/green and eggplant/teal.
each dress includes the upper part and glitch pants in all layers, sculpted broche (with 2 attach options: spine and chest) and sculpted dress (with two attach option: left peck and right peck).
the broche is no modify but it is scripted for resizing.
the dress is available in two versions: a resizing scripted one (no modify) and a regular modify version.

itens are copy, no transfer and no modify (in general).


[MG fashion] goes with...#08

[MG fashion] goes with #08

hat . Alotta Poof Hat by Veschi (modified and tinted)
hair. bang bang in kit kat by !lamb
skin. Lyla in blue (tan tone) by REDGRAVE
shirt. RolledCuffsShirt in firebrick by [MG fashion]
cami. Plain & Tidy Cami in blue by Tres Blah
skirt. carla circle skirt in blue by /artilleri/
accessorie. sailorette top attachment in red by /artilleri/
shoes. aurora heels in berry by TRUTH
poses by Luth